Frankfort High School Falcon Bands

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Trip Itinerary for Petersburg Game and WV Marching Band Invitational

Friday, October 18th
4:30 p.m. - Report and Load
5 p.m. - Depart
App. 6:30 - Arrive
7 p.m. - Kickoff
App. 10 p.m. - Return to FHS

  • We will be performing in the stands ONLY.  This game is Petersburg's Homecoming, so we will NOT perform on the the field.
  • We will be departing at HALF TIME.
  • No Uniforms - attire will be jeans, Frankfort attire, and jackets
  • Parents will need to sign our their children before we leave if they plan to take them home.
  • If the weather is bad (i.e. heavy rain, etc.), Mr. Walker will make a decision ASAP about a cancellation.
  • Parents/Guardians:  PLEASE pick up your children in a timely and punctual manner. Thank you for your cooperation.

Saturday, October 19th (Please note there could be unplanned changes to our itinerary)
10:15 a.m. - Report - Luggage check - Load buses
11 a.m. - Depart
En Route - Lunch and Rest Stops - meal time app. 45 minutes ($$ needed for meals)
App. 4 p.m. - Arrive and check in at Holiday Inn Express Charleston Civic Center
App. 4:30 - Eat dinner at Charleston Town Center - meal time app. 45 minutes ($$ needed for meals)
5:30 - Return to hotel - get dressed for performance
6 p.m. - Depart
6:15ish - Arrive at Laidley Field
8:15 - We perform
8:30 - Hall of Fame presentation
10:15 - Awards
App. 11:15 - Return to hotel - all students will go directly to their rooms - there will be an adult monitoring the hallways throughout the night.

Sunday, October 20th
7 a.m. - Wake Up, Breakfast (provided) and Check out
9 a.m. - Tour of Capitol and Culture Center
Noonish - Depart Charleston
En Route - Lunch and Rest stops - meal time 45 minutes ($$ needed for meals)
5:30-6 p.m. - Return to FHS

Details for Charleston Trip
  • We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express Charleston Civic Center.
  • The WV Marching Band Invitational will be held at Laidley Field in Charleston.  There will be 41 bands performing in this event. Tickets may be purchased at Laidley Field ($8 adults 12 and older, $7 children 11 and younger).  The show begins at 9:30 a.m. - we are performing at 8:15 p.m., so we will miss most of the show.
  • All bags will be checked before we leave.  Ms. Malone, Mrs. Knotts, Ms. Isenberg will check female bags; Mr. Walker and Mr. Knotts will check male bags.  
  • Medication:  please give your meds to one of our chaperones.
  • One carry on bag is permitted.  You only need one change of clothes for Sunday (please try to look nice for the tours).  NO SUITCASES!  All luggage will be stored on the band bus with your uniforms and instruments.  Please - don't over pack!  If it doesn't fit, it stays behind!
  • Students are encouraged to bring snacks for the bus trip.  Meal stops will be approximately 45 minutes; Rest stops will be approximately 15 minutes (vending machines are OFF LIMITS - this will only take more time!  Again, bring your own snacks).
  • You will need money for THREE meals.
  • Parents must sign out their children if planning to take them home.
  • At the hotel:  You will stay in your room!  Do not go into other rooms and never leave the hotel.  Once we return from the show Saturday evening, everyone will stay in their rooms.  There are five staff members and six parent chaperones going on this trip.  We will monitor the hallways in shifts for the duration of our stay.  We will check every room to make sure they have been left in appropriate order.  YOU WILL NOT TRASH YOUR ROOMS!  If you damage something, you will pay for it!
  • State Capitol & Culture Center:  We will be divided into TWO groups (Bus 1 & Bus 2) for the tours.
  • Never go anywhere by yourself.  Stay with the group at all times.
  • Behavior:  As always, it is expected that your behavior, manners, and demeanor are respectful and honorable.  Inappropriate conduct will result in your dismissal from the band and further disciplinary referrals when we return to school.  BE MINDFUL OF YOUR LANGUAGE! All school rules and policies are in effect for the duration of this trip.  This should be a really nice trip!  PLEASE - no inappropriate conduct  - it WILL jeopardize future trips for our band (Disney, NYC, Kennywood, away games, competitions, etc.).
  • Parents/Guardians:  PLEASE pick up your children in a timely and punctual manner. Thank you for your cooperation.

Friday, October 25th - Home (Senior Night) vs. Hampshire - 7 p.m.

**Wednesday, October 30th - South Cumberland Halloween Parade - 7 p.m.
 - Please note the date change!

Friday, November 8th - Away @ Keyser - 7 p.m.
Tuesday, November 12th - Fall Concert - 7 p.m.

November 15 or 16 - First Round FB Playoffs (Date and site TBA)
November 22 or 23 - Second Round FB Playoffs (Date and site TBA)
November 29 or 30 - Third Round FB Playoffs (Date and site TBA)
December 6 or 7 - State Championship Game - Wheeling (Date and time TBA)
  • If the team qualifies, we will most likely go.  If we go, DO NOT ASKED TO BE EXCUSED.  PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY NOW!